Professional Security Consultants


TOLHURST INTERNATIONAL, LLC provides security assessment and consulting services to Law Enforcement Agencies,  Public organizations, Private  Businesses, Educational facilities, Religious organizations and private individuals.

Tolhurst International will assess current physical security emplacements,  crisis planning procedures, security personnel policies, or Executive Protection procedures.  

Tolhurst International can create crisis management plans and recommend security procedures to fit the goals of the client. 

Tolhurst International can conduct independent shooting reviews, pre and post shooting procedure analysis, and provide expert testimony.  




TOLHURST INTERNATIONAL,LLC  provides all facets of basic and advanced tactical training to certified law enforcement agencies, as well as firearms training and tactical skills to corporate or private security personnel.  Tolhurst International also offers skill training to individuals without criminal records.

Tolhurst International can provide  training and policy development for public and private organizations desiring an increased level of crisis awareness related to their environment.

Tolhurst International will customize a training program that will match the experience level of the client.  We will tailor training to the client objectives, and time limitations.  

​​Tolhurst International Consultants will travel worldwide to Investigate, Consult or Train Corporate/Private Sector entities or  International, Federal, State, Local, and Tribal  law enforcement agencies.   


TOLHURST INTERNATIONAL, LLC, is a licensed Private Investigative Agency in the state of Arizona with an extensive network of vetted, qualified investigators throughout the United States and Internationally.    

Tolhurst International offers clients Investigative services wherever they are needed.

Tolhurst International will provide Investigative assistance to private citizens, businesses, law firms, insurance companies, corporate security, and law enforcement.

Tolhurst International will also conduct documented Surveillance and Counter- Surveillance operations. 

We are an Arizona based company specializing in Investigations, Security Assessments and Consultations, and providing Customized Training Courses.