Ken Williams retired from the FBI as a Special Agent after 30 years of service.  Ken’s primary responsibilities were investigating foreign and domestic terrorism matters. Ken participated in many high-profile terrorism investigations over his tenure with the FBI; including the bombing investigation of the A.P. Murrah federal building located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ken was responsible for successfully securing statements from a critical suspect associated with Timothy McVeigh. These statements resulted in the suspect's arrest and subsequent cooperation and testimony in the trial of McVeigh, which ultimately led to his conviction for the bombing. Ken has extensive experience investigating sensitive international terrorism matters and has traveled for the Bureau to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.  Prior to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, Ken authored a communication issuing a warning to the intelligence community that Al-Qaeda was training in the civil aviation community in the United States. This communication has become known as the "Phoenix Memo" which received both national and media attention following the September 11, 2001 attacks. Ken has testified before the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate regarding terrorism matters. He has also cooperated with the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States (the 9/11 Commission).  Ken served on the FBI Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team as an Assistant Team Leader, sniper and assaulter. Over his 30-year career with the FBI, Ken has received prestigious commendations; including the Central Intelligence Agency's Exceptional Human Intelligence Collector award. Ken has made many public appearances regarding terrorism matters and has appeared on local television news stations that include NBC and FOX News. Prior to the FBI, Ken was a San Diego Police officer. Ken is a licensed Private Investigator.

​​Ray Wasson – Consultant

Ray retired as an Operations Officer in the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Clandestine Service after 25 years with the U. S. Marine Corps conducting counterintelligence and clandestine operations.  As a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) he conducted offensive counterintelligence operations and was later detailed to the U.S. Department of State responsible for all criminal and counterintelligence investigations relative to Department of the Navy personnel assigned to the State Department. Since his retirement, Ray performs security and investigative support to multinational firms worldwide and serves as a leader, manager, mentor and trainer to multiple U.S. Community HUMINT agencies and organizations.  He has in-depth knowledge of foreign environments spending over 15 years abroad primarily in Southeast Asia.  Subject matter expertise includes HUMINT methodologies, surveillance detection and counter-surveillance, physical security, high risk/vulnerability analysis, debriefing/collection of information, field analysis and requisite formal reporting.  Ray’s focus now is to enhance collaboration across the spectrum of Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement Organizations.  

Michael Conrad - Consultant

Professional Security Consultants

Lance Kuhn - Consultant

Lance retired from the FBI with 25 years of service. Lance led international efforts to combat terrorism. Lance coordinated international and U.S. Government agencies in the recovery of two Americans kidnapped in Afghanistan during his tenure in Kabul.  Lance was recognized for meritorious service to the U.S. in support of combat operations in Iraq as an Interrogator where his efforts aided in the dismantlement of terrorist networks supporting the Iraqi insurgency.  Lance’s investigative efforts contributed to the disruption of international and domestic terrorist plots, shipments of weapons of mass destruction, conventional weapons, narcotics, terrorist’s training materials and communications. Lance also led Organized Crime investigations in the state of Arizona. Lance received numerous awards, to include: three service awards for duty in combat zones, the Office of the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award, and two FBI Medals of Excellence related to Counter Terrorism Investigations in Arizona. Lance served as the Assistant Team Leader for the Sniper/Observer Element of the FBI’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT).  Lance participated in hundreds of high-risk arrests and search operations.  Lance also participated in Executive protection details for several U.S. Attorney Generals and FBI Directors.  Lance has provided tactical and counter terrorism instruction to local, state, federal and international partners throughout his career.  Prior to the FBI, Lance served as a U.S. Army 7th Special Forces Group Airborne (SFGA) Communicator, he was a Senior Instructor in the Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Committee and Anti-Terrorism Training Branch in the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center.  After 7 years on Active Duty, Lance transitioned to the U.S. Army Reserves where he served as a Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant.   While in the Army reserves, Lance became a Contract Specialist for the U.S. Navy.  Lance negotiated contract changes, monitored business performance and assisted in successfully defending the Navy against an approximate, $100 million-dollar lawsuit.  Lance served as an undercover private investigator for a major corporation wherein he assisted in the disruption of criminal activity. Lance has a master’s degree in Business Administration.Lance is a licensed Private Investigator with Tolhurst International.

​WILLIAM GREGORY - Aviation Consultant

Bill has been involved in aviation for nearly a half-century, has been an FAA certified commercial and instructor pilot for over forty years; while possessing an Air Transport Pilot rating for over twenty years.  During his Air Force career, he served as a fighter pilot, instructor pilot, test pilot, and finally a space shuttle pilot while assigned as a NASA astronaut.  After retiring from the Air Force, he has continued to work in the aerospace industry with firms in the Phoenix area involved with designing spacecraft hardware/software, systems engineering support, and manufacture of aircraft/space vehicle hardware.  Additionally, he has spent five years teaching pilots recovery techniques from upset/out of control situations, and has flown corporate aircraft in the roles of executive transport and medical evacuation.  In the academic world, he has engineering degrees from the USAF Academy [BS – Distinguished Graduate] and Columbia University [MS – Guggenheim Fellowship Recipient], both of which had an area of emphasis in aircraft structures, and also has an MS in business management from Troy University.  Bill has served as a member of the Arizona Governor’s Commission on Aerospace and Defense, is certified as a Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado, and was a 1996 recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.  He has and is currently serving as a member of the Board of Directors/Advisors for several firms, and non-profits such as the Arizona Challenger Space Center.  He performs duties as a consultant and as a public speaker in the business community.

Keith Tolhurst - Owner/Consultant

Keith retired from the FBI after serving 24 years as a Special Agent.  He was the lead investigator in the largest successful FBI extortion investigation in Arizona, and  also for the largest fugitive manhunt in Arizona (as featured on Discovery ID television program; FBI: Criminal Pursuit).  Keith was a lead investigator for one of the largest domestic terrorism undercover operations in the FBI involving threats against a Nuclear Facility.  He has successfully investigated kidnappings, interstate shipment theft, civil rights, hate crimes, gangs, domestic terrorism, murder, sex crimes, bank robberies, and fugitives.  Keith participated in over 1000 arrests in his career.  He supervised one of the largest Tactical Teams in the FBI.  As the FBI Senior SWAT team leader and SWAT Coordinator for the state of Arizona, he was involved in every aspect of crisis management to include: command post procedures, critical infrastructure threats, dignitary protection, special events, security assessments,  and hostage situations.  Keith was nominated for the medal of bravery for operations outside of the United States.  He was the Principle Firearms and Tactical Instructor in the FBI for the state of Arizona.  He has instructed firearms and tactics around the world to thousands of students from international, military, state, local and tribal police agencies. Keith was one of the first instructors in the nation to teach Active Shooter courses to police both domestically and internationally.  Keith is designated as an FBI Master Police Instructor.   He has developed and taught numerous POST schools in Arizona and is also an Arizona POST Specialist Instructor for firearms.   Prior to the FBI, Keith was an Infantry Captain in the USMC, and a deputy sheriff in Orange County, California.  After retiring from the FBI, Keith provided classified and unclassified instruction related to advanced human intelligence (HUMINT) for the FBI for 8 years.   Keith is a licensed Private Investigator and the Founder of  TOLHURST INTERNATIONAL, LLC.

DAMIAN "Skip" STITES - Training Consultant

Skip Stites retired from the FBI after 23 years of service.  He served as the Senior Supervisory Special Agent and Program Manager for the FBI’s Law Enforcement Training for Safety and Survival Program (LETSS) at the FBI’s Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  During his 23-year career with the FBI, Stites has instructed over 20,000 domestic and international police officers and agents world-wide in firearms, street survival tactics, sniper tactics, SWAT and defense tactics. Stites is a FBI Master Police Instructor.  He trained the Iraqi and Afghanistan Security Forces, including serving as the FBI’s Lead Instructor for Organized Crime/Officer Survival for the Iraqi National Police.  Stites has conducted investigations in Narcotics, Organized Crime and Domestic Terrorism and also conducted investigations in Turkey in support of the War on Terrorism. Stites has experience with Personal Security Details, and has instructed Human Intelligence (HUMINT) courses for more than 10 years.  He served on 2 FBI swat teams.  Stites is a recipient of the FBI Medal of Merit for his actions in saving the life of a child.  Stites was a police officer with the Durango, Colorado Police Department.  Skip is the president and founder of Safety and Survival FPS, LLC. Skip is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Michael Conrad retired from the FBI after serving 27 years as a Special Agent. He was a Team Leader for the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) Team, a national asset that deployed within 24 hours to missing and abducted children cases throughout the country, and was a founding member of the Arizona Child Abduction Response Team (AZ-CART), a joint investigative team that responded to all missing child cases throughout the state of Arizona. He is a national expert on missing and abducted child response, and has taught in law enforcement academies and conferences throughout the United States and internationally, having provided over 450 hours of of state POST-certified instruction. Conrad created MACE, a software system to coordinate and organize incoming information in missing child responses, which was adopted by CARD and local law enforcement agencies nationwide. He was an Adjunct Faculty Member of the FBI Academy. He was the Phoenix FBI Primary Crimes Against Children Coordinator and Abduction Response Coordinator for over 16 years. He established the FBI’s Innocence Lost Task Force in Phoenix, a multi-agency task force that investigates domestic minor sex trafficking. As a certified Coordinator for the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC), Conrad coordinated behavioral analysis and profiling assistance between FBI and local law enforcement. Conrad was an NCAVC-certified instructor on Active Shooter Behavioral Analysis, and created new protocols for local law enforcement on command post response to both active shooter incidents and abducted child responses. He was the Primary Defensive Tactics Instructor for the FBI’s Phoenix Field Office for over 15 years. Conrad was the FBI’s Primary Airport Liaison at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after the 9/11 terrorist attack.  Conrad was the investigator in numerous major cases including Fugitive, Abduction, Child Sex Trafficking,  Child Sex Tourism, Bank Robbery, Armored Car Robbery, Interstate Theft, Extortion, Communicated Threats, International Crimes / Genocide,  Crimes on Aircraft, Racketeering, Espionage, Homicide, Interstate Stalking, Serial Homicide, Serial Sexual Assault, and Active Shooter investigations.

Stan Burke-Consultant


Stan retired from the FBI after serving 23 years as a Special Agent, he was a field agent, and a supervisor and Unit chief at FBI Headquarters and the FBI Academy.  He taught investigative statement analysis; interviewing and interrogation; and law enforcement ethics at the FBI Academy and is certified as a subject matter expert. When Stan was the Unit Chief of the FBI’s Law Enforcement Communication Resources Unit (LECRU), his unit joined forces with the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit and founded the FBI’s Joint Communication Exploitation Research Team (JCERT), the JCERT analyzed statements submitted by law enforcement agencies worldwide.  Stan was later given Section Chief responsibilities over the FBI’s Law Enforcement Programs Section and was responsible for the management of all aspects the FBI’s national and international training programs.  Stan was awarded the prestigious FBI Director’s Award.  As a University of Virginia faculty member, he taught both graduate and undergraduate courses to law-enforcement managers and investigators throughout the world.  Stan is the president of Precision Intelligence Consulting, LLC, which provides investigative statement analysis services and instruction to clients throughout the world. Stan is currently located in Washington, D.C.

EUGENE KAILI - Consultant

Eugene retired from the FBI after serving 24 years as a Special Agent. He has worked investigations while assigned to violent crime, white collar crime and surveillance squads within the FBI. He also served as a technically trained agent specializing in computer, phone, and physical surveillance.  He is experienced in the  installation of day/night cameras used to gather evidence as an investigative tool for criminal cases.   He has worked across the country in several FBI offices, and has spent time overseas working in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ecuador, and Brazil. Eugene has worked with the military services  conducting  technical installations of cameras, trackers, listening devices, and all other equipment related to surveillance of people, places, and things.   Eugene is experienced in assessing  physical security and determining the best uses of surveillance equipment and camera placement.

​​​Jerry Peters - Training Consultant

Jerry retired from the FBI after serving 31 years as a Special Agent.  Jerry has extensive expertise in sensitive and tactical operations.  He was responsible for extended, complex surveillance coverage incorporating surveillance teams and aviation assets from several FBI divisions and outside agencies operating in both urban and rural environments.  He developed and presented specialized courses involving physical surveillance,  surveillance detection and covert tactical operations to US Special Military Units.  Jerry also developed training in surveillance detection and counter surveillance routes,  to include: vehicular, foot and multi-mode travel for US agencies.  Jerry was assigned to the FBI's Surreptitious Entry Team responsible for conducting Title 18 and VISA court ordered covert entries into target locations throughout the U.S.   He was also trained in the installation, operation, and defeat/bypass, of security alarm and telephone systems.  Jerry  spent 4 years as an FBI Undercover Agent  targeting South American drug organizations.  He is experienced in all facts of covert operations:  to include undercover (UC) business fronts,  and covert business relationships.  He is currently providing contract instruction for FBI HUMINT Operation Courses.  Jerry is currently located in Washington, D.C.

Dan Snodgrass - Consultant

Dan retired after 40-years of law enforcement experience. Dan was a highly decorated Phoenix police detective, and spent 25+  years assigned to the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force.  He has arrested over 4,500 violent felons and fugitives wanted for crimes to include: murder, sexual assault, child molestation, sex trafficking, aggravated assault with weapons, armed robbery, and bank robbery.  Dan has trained and mentored numerous FBI agents and police detectives, passing on his specialized knowledge and experience in apprehending the most violent of criminal offenders. Dan has received numerous law enforcement commendations and life saving awards.  Dan was awarded the FBI's Medal of Bravery after tracking down, locating, and surviving a shoot-out, with one of America's Most Wanted fugitives.  He was also recognized as Phoenix Police Department's Officer of the Year on 2 separate occasions. Dan has proven success in handling thousands of complex state, local, national and international criminal investigations; to include providing assistance to the U.S. State Department, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Marshal's Service, and Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization).  Dan has worked in an undercover capacity, and covertly interdicted numerous murder-for-hire schemes.  For the last 2 years of Dan's law enforcement career, he was assigned to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Special Investigations Threat Management Unit, and the FBI's Threat Mitigation squad.  Dan was the lead investigator in an international terrorist investigation, in which he located/arrested and assisted with the prosecution/conviction of a subject wanted for terrorist threats involving an overseas U.S. Embassy.  Dan is a Licensed Private Investigator with Tolhurst International.